Antaeus Wheel Group Corporation Ltd

Tubeless Truck Wheel and Trailer Wheel

Tubeless Truck Wheel and Trailer Wheel

Antaeus wheel group corporation is specialized in manufacturing steel  wheel rim diameter from 8" to 63', including tube truck wheel, tubeless truck wheel, folklift wheel, skid steer wheel, agricultural wheel, OTR wheel, earthmover wheel and mining wheel. And we are esepcially professional in OTR wheel with multi-pieces.

As a wheel specilist, we have profound experiences in providing wheel solution for customers.

As for the tubeless truck wheel, we have 16.5", 17.5", 19.5", 22.5", 24.5", 26.5",  available covered the followed sizes:

16.5": 16.5x8.25, 16.5x9.75

17.5" : 17.5x5.25, 17.5x6.00, 17.5x6.75, 17.5x7.50, 17.5x8.25, 17.5x9.00, 17.5x11.75, 17.5x13.00, 17.5x14.00

19.5": 19.5x5.25, 19.5x6.00, 19.5x6.75, 19.5x7.50, 19.5x8.25, 19.5x9.00, 19.5x13.00, 19.5x14.00, 19.5x16.00,

22.5": 22.5x6.00, 22.5x6.75, 22.5x7.50, 22.5x8.25, 22.5x9.00, 22.5x11.75, 22.5x13.00, 22.5x14.00, 22.5x16.00, 22.5x20.00

24.5": 24.5x8.25, 24.5x9.00, 24.5x11.75, 24.5x13.00, 24.5x15.00, 24.5x16.00,

26.5”: 26.5x20.00

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